Where to Find Free WordPress Graphics and Photos

Ponder this tasty analogy: if text is the meat of a blog post, then its graphics and photos are the toppings. Writing an article and not breaking it up with images is like serving a Whopper made up of nothing but a bun and an all-beef patty. Nobody wants to bite into that.

Many websites are willing to sell premium images for very little money, but if you’re blogging on a budget, even very little can be too much. Consider these sources for free WordPress graphics and photos before publishing your next entry.

Free WordPress Photographs

The terms graphic and photograph are often used interchangeably but are not the same. Both serve unique purposes. When you need to add real-world subjects to your blog posts, you need to display photographs. Articles posted to recipe websites, travel sites, and lifestyle websites can all benefit from great photographs.

Pixabay is a great choice for free WordPress photographs. Their selection is large and made up exclusively of professionally captured images. Visitors can download HD images without jumping through any hoops while those willing to create a free account can download ultra HD images as well.

Pixabay Homepage

For an even greater selection, head to Flickr. The images you’ll find there are uploaded by pros and amateurs alike, but not every image is free to use. To search Flickr for images that have been released for public use, click or tap the “Any license” dropdown above Flickr search results. From the dropdown, select the “Commercial use and mods allowed” option instead.

Flickr Free Photo License Dropdown

Free WordPress Graphics

Graphics differ from photographs in that they’re not captured by a camera and instead are laid out by hand. They are often used to illustrate concepts or subjects that cannot be captured in a photo. Examples of graphics include logos, icons, infographics, and more.

You Can WP! consists primarily of graphics rather than photographs. Many of the images you’ll find displayed across the top of this site’s posts were crafted in part using free WordPress graphics from Vecteezy.

As the name implies, Vecteezy offers most of its graphics in vector formats. You’ll need a program like Adobe Illustrator or the free Inkscape software to work with vector images. The upside to the vector format is that you can scale graphics up to any size and export them without any blocky edges or loss of quality.

If icons are what you need, head to Noun Project instead. You’ll find that smaller icons are perfect for posts or pages that have been broken down into multiple topics or subjects. Likewise, many webmasters turn to Noun Project when laying out service and menu pages. That’s because Noun Project offers icons for almost any type of industry or food type you could imagine.

The Noun Project

Item Attribution

One or two of the services mentioned above will ask that visitors provide attribution before displaying a download in their blog post. This is especially true of both Vecteezy and Noun Project.

Attribution is a means of giving credit to a work’s original creator and is usually required only if you’re using an asset you’ve not paid for. Check for any attribution guidelines when downloading free WordPress items and scroll down to the footer of this very website for an example of Vecteezy attribution.

Free WordPress Resources Every Month

Is there a greater feeling than receiving for free what others have been forced to pay for? Every month, digital marketplace Envato offers one free download from many of the company’s most popular websites. These freebies often include free WordPress graphics and photographs.

Head to the homepage of Envato’s GraphicRiver website and its PhotoDune site to secure your WordPress freebies. When you get there, scroll about halfway down the page to browse the current month’s free files. There’s usually six or seven of them listed.

Free WordPress Downloads from Envato

Click or tap on the GraphicRiver item to download a free WordPress graphic or the PhotoDune item for a free photograph. And if your WordPress website is in need of a quick facelift, click or tap the ThemeForest item for a free WordPress theme.

You’ll need to create a free Envato account to download any of the monthly WordPress freebies. Be sure to check back every month for the company’s current offerings.

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