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WordPress Walkthroughs

WordPress Walkthroughs for Everyone

Has intimidation prevented you from building your own website with WordPress? We’re here to fix that. WordPress is just as easy to use as the pricier premium services you’ve seen advertised and empowers you to do so much more with your website.

As a matter of fact, individuals and small businesses everywhere have already used WordPress to build tens of millions of websites. Research suggests that a third of the entire internet is powered by WordPress. These sites have been built by people of all skill levels, from those holding web degrees to those with no coding or design experience of any kind. WordPress really is the web platform for everyone.

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Because WordPress has been crafted for both ease of use and for flexibility, it’s worth considering for your next – or even your first – website. Our WordPress walkthroughs, email updates, and our free guide will show you how to create a website from scratch. You won’t need any prior experience and you’ll never need to look at a single line of code. If you’ve used Microsoft Word or similar software, you’ll have no issue publishing with WordPress.

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WordPress Two-Factor Authentication

Add Two-Factor Authentication to WordPress

Internet privacy is finally at a point where the general public is starting to take the security of their online accounts seriously. Not only are most people beginning to understand the importance of a strong, unique password, many are also protecting online accounts with two-factor authentication. For this reason, plugin developers have made it easier than ever to add two-factor authentication to WordPress.

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