15 of the Best Divi Website Examples

As far as premium WordPress themes go, Divi is among the best. It’s reasonably priced and includes many impressive features and hundreds of layout packs. In fact, the theme is so popular that you’ll find plenty of great Divi website examples while browsing the online homes of large companies and public figures.

Many of the top examples are highlighted ahead. Explore them all for ideas that you can apply to your own WordPress website.

Why such a wide variety of Divi website examples?

Before jumping ahead, understand that this list was intentionally curated to include websites from a number of industries. The list could have easily been filled entirely with school websites since Divi is a very popular theme choice in the education sector. However, the goal was to highlight the best Divi website examples across a variety of categories.

Divi’s high level of adaptability is made possible by the theme’s aforementioned layout packs. Divi customers leverage these to quickly launch websites with designs tailored to a specific business or niche. With a design in place, customers use powerful Divi modules to further customize individual elements and site features. You’ll find several examples of Divi’s best layouts and modules in the following list.

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado School of Mines site is arguably one of the best school websites built with WordPress. The layout is inviting and the site itself is easy to navigate. That’s due in part to the Divi child theme that the site is built upon.

Like most school websites, the Mines site is packed with content. Check out their Academics page for examples of great ways to split large amounts of information into separate WordPress pages.


Lycamobile US

Lycamobile is an international MVNO, meaning they’re a cell service provider that operates on the towers of other providers. They are similar to companies like TracFone and Mint Mobile in that regard.

Lycamobile uses Divi to power not only their US website but their sites targeted at customers in Australia, France, and Italy as well. Of the globally recognized brands maintaining Divi websites, Lycamobile is absolutely one of the largest.

Stick Sports

Stick Sports Divi Website Examples

The team at Stick Sports develops mobile games for iOS and Android. Players have downloaded their games more than 70 million times. What’s more, their online home serves as one of the best Divi website examples in the mobile app space.

The animated hero section of the Stick Sports homepage relies on Divi’s powerful fullscreen slider module. After building out a homepage and landing pages for their many games, Stick Sports used Contact Form 7 to power their Contact page.

Travel Fashion Girl

Travel Fashion Girl WordPress Theme Divi

Travel Fashion Girl launched in 2012 on top of the WordPress platform. Alex, the company’s founder and an avid globetrotter, used the website as a means to document her packing tips, fashion advice, and to connect with women struggling to travel light. As her website and audience grew, Alex transitioned away from her older WordPress theme to Divi.

Bloggers in any niche can draw inspiration from Alex’s website. From design to structure to monetization, Travel Fashion Girl serves as proof that you can build or expand just about any online venture with Divi.



GrillGrate offers a modular system of aluminum grates for professional chefs and at-home grillmasters alike. Customers supplement or replace existing grates with GrillGrates to reduce charring from flareups and to lock in flavors while cooking.

What sets the GrillGrate website apart from other Divi websites is the high volume of ecommerce transactions that it facilitates. However, unlike most ecommerce websites built with WordPress, GrillGrate is not running WooCommerce. Instead, the company offloads inventory management and payment processing to BigCommerce.

Social Flow

Social Flow

Social Flow is a collection of tools created for content marketers. And as you might have guessed, the website that the Social Flow team uses to market its software was built with the Divi WordPress theme.

In addition to Divi, the company relies on multiple WordPress plugins to offer the features they demand of their website. These include Yoast SEO for search optimization and CookieYes for GDPR consent and compliance.


SEO.com WordPress Theme

Wondering how Divi performs in search? Have a look at SEO.com and the company’s WordPress website. They pride themselves on their ability to optimize for search and chose Divi to market their SEO services.

With that said, search engine optimization is about so much more than theme selection. Quality content and a positive page experience are critical to your website’s search success. Like Social Flow, SEO.com uses Yoast to gauge the quality of their content.

VIP Petcare

VIP Petcare

The VIP Petcare website stands out as one of the most well-designed Divi website examples. The veterinary care company proves that a Divi website can complement existing branding and that the theme is well suited to companies of any size. It’s clear that VIP Petcare understands the importance of design in strong marketing.

More importantly, VIP Petcare understands the importance of web accessibility. That’s why they’ve installed and activated the popular WP Accessibility plugin. WP Accessibility quickly adds contrast and text size toggles to a WordPress website’s pages regardless of the theme being used. You’ll see the plugin in action on every page of the VIP Petcare website.

Texas Music Educators Association

Texas Music Educators Association

The Texas Music Educators Association provides member resources with WordPress and Divi. Based in Austin, TMEA and its members have been empowering music educators in the state of Texas for more than 100 years.

The company’s web presence dates back to 1998. However, it wasn’t until late 2020 that the association made the switch to WordPress. Nevertheless, TMEA made a great pick for their first WordPress theme when they finally took the plunge.



Both Social Flow and CopyPress have built tools for businesses that distribute content. But while Social Flow’s focus is on helping customers leverage their content more effectively, CopyPress assists clients during the early stages of the actual writing process as well. Make no mistake, there’s some overlap in offerings, but visiting both websites will give you a good idea of how similar companies use Divi to attract customers in different ways.

Unlike Social Flow, the CopyPress team chose Gravity Forms for its contact form needs. For instance, the company’s contact page contains a lead generation form that was built entirely with the premium form plugin. Gravity Forms is a powerful alternative to free options like Contact Form 7 and makes quick work of complex form layout.

Alan Watts

Alan Watts Organization WordPress Website

Alan Watts was an accomplished writer, speaker, and philosopher. He passed roughly fifty years ago, but millions continue to turn to his written and recorded works for his teachings and interpretations of Eastern Philosophy.

The Alan Watts Organization, which aims to preserve Alan Watts’ legacy, does so in part from a WordPress website. From here, audiences can purchase audio lectures, subscribe to the organization’s newsletter, or send a contribution.

Hinds Community College

Hinds Community College Divi Website Examples

It’s been said before but is worth repeating: the Divi WordPress theme is pretty big in the education sector. Like Mines of Colorado, Hinds Community College of Mississippi built their school website with WordPress and Divi.

What makes the college’s website one of the best Divi website examples is its ease of navigation. Hinds offers a wide array of programs, but a well-structured navigation menu and nearby search bar make content easy to find. Likewise, prospective students can use sitewide breadcrumbs to quickly locate content with a broader focus.


GetSwift WordPress Website

GetSwift sets out to ease the growing pains of companies in the business of delivering goods. They cater to clients of all sizes, from smaller startups to large enterprises that live and die by delivery.

If you happen to offer software as a service, it’s in your best interest to spend a minute or two browsing the GetSwift website. Every single element – from the pricing tables to the powerful calls to action – makes the most of Divi’s vast feature set.

Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo WordPress Theme

The Pittsburgh Zoo employs WordPress and Divi to great success. From the attraction’s website, the public can research hours, ticket costs, a calendar of events, and much more.

And you won’t even need to leave the homepage to find multiple examples of how Divi can eliminate the need for separate carousel plugins. The fullscreen slider near the very top of the page was built using Divi’s robust slider module. Similarly, a carousel about halfway down the page does a great job of showcasing a few of the animals that you’ll meet during your next visit.

Pizza Expo

Pizza Expo Conference Website

There’s an expo for everything, so why would the planet’s favorite food be an exception? Any why shouldn’t that expo build its website on top of WordPress and Divi?

The Pizza Expo website may very well be the best Divi website example out there. What little the website lacks in cutting-edge design it more than makes up for in high-quality pizza content.

Which Divi example is your favorite?

Of the more than one dozen Divi websites featured here, which is your favorite? Take your pick and spend some extra time browsing its pages. You may walk away with a few ideas that you can apply to your own Divi website.

Still in search of inspiration? Check out all of the layout packs available to Divi customers. The collection includes hundreds of designs and each of them can be applied to WordPress websites built with Divi in a matter of seconds.

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